Privacy Policy

For FlexT9


The Nuance Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when you use Nuance's products and services, including information provided when you use Nuance Products. In addition, the following describes our privacy practices that are specific to FlexT9.

Personal Information

  • FlexT9 currently does not require you to register to use the service.  FlexT9 does track informationcollected and correlate it with an identifier unique to your device, such as an IMEI,. The identifier does not provide us with the ability to indentify you.
  • FlexT9 processes, stores and maintains your Speech Data within Nuance's computing environment.
  • FlexT9 processes and stores Input Data, to enhance and improve the prediction capabilities of the product.  The Input Data may contain Personal Information.  Input Data means the text you type, write or trace into FlexT9.
    • FlexT9 will examine, process and locally store your user contacts, and the Input Data in the User Dictionary.  User Dictionary means the word lists stored locally on your device.
  • If you so choose, FlexT9 will examine, process and locally store certain types of content related to applications integrated with FlexT9 to enhance and improve the prediction capabilities of the product.   
    • FlexT9 examines and locally stores on your device new words found in your Application Content in the User Dictionary. Application Content is information generated or derived from applications integrated with FlexT9.  For example, FlexT9 is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, and the Application Content comprises the names of your Facebook friends, Gmail screen names and the timeline of your public Twitter feed. 

Other Information

  • If you so choose, FlexT9 collects and stores the following data within Nuance's computing environment:  language selection, location information,  FlexT9 application settings and device keyboard details,  keys tapped, traced or input by any other means, shifting and deletion events, words chosen, speed of text entry,  and how often words are added/removed from the Personal Dictionary


  • Nuance maintains and processes your FlexT9 content to provide the FlexT9 service to you and to improve this and other Nuance products and services.
  • Nuance or third parties acting under the direction of Nuance, pursuant to confidentiality agreements, use the Speech Data to develop, tune, enhance, and improve Nuance services and products. Nuance will not use the contents of any Speech Data provided to us through your use of Nuance Products for any purpose except as set forth above.  
  • Nuance's computers process the speech information in your FlexT9 dictation request for various purposes, including formatting and displaying the information to you, and other purposes relating to offering you FlexT9.

Information sharing and onward transfer

  • We do not share your Personal Information with any third parties except in the limited circumstances described in the Nuance Privacy Policy and herein, such as when we believe we are required to do so by law.

Your choices

  • You may clear the contents of your User Dictionary, which is part of FlexT9's Advanced Settings, which will remove word lists contained in the dictionary.  Deletion of the User Dictionary content may cause a decline in the performance of FlexT9 relating to non-speech inputs.
  • You may choose not to have FlexT9 examine your Application Content.  If you do not wish to have FlexT9 do this, turn off Personalization in FlexT9's Advanced Settings.
  • You may also turn off or alter the location settings in your device.  Turning off the location settings may impact some aspects of the FlexT9 offering.

More information
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Please see Nuance's Privacy Policy for additional information
Updated:  November 2011