Improve healthcare quality management with Nuance CDI

Baptist Health improves quality and realizes $45M in appropriate reimbursement.

Nuance’s clinically driven CDI program and a unique staffing model engage physicians and drive results

Baptist Health South Florida Success Story

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Baptist Health South Florida is a six-hospital system in Miami and the Florida Keys with a large international presence throughout the Caribbean. Its 15,000 employees and 2,200 physicians in virtually all specialties serve over a million patients a year from around the world.

Historically, Baptist completed chart reviews after patients had been discharged from the hospital. The retrospective requests to update clinical documentation met with physician resistance, with only a 20% response rate, and missed opportunities to improve quality and receive appropriate reimbursement.

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Once the clinical documentation programs were up and running, it was amazing how much more documentation we were able to capture and how much more specificity we experienced.

Lorena Chicoye, MD
Corporate Medical Director
Baptist Healthcare


  • Incomplete clinical documentation didn’t reflect quality of care delivered
  • Retrospective, manual CDI chart review processes
  • Physician resistance to post-discharge queries

  • Nuance® CDI delivered with proprietary Documentation Management Program® (CDMP®) methodology
  • Unique physician Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist (CDIS) staffing model

  • 95% physician response rate to CDI clarifications
  • Twofold increase in SOI/ROM capture better reflects care quality
  • 13% increase in CMI
  • $45 million increase in appropriate reimbursement
  • 100% ROI in less than 6 months



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