Medical Records Management

Accelerate your process

Clintegrity Records Management solutions empower healthcare organizations to efficiently manage information critical to all processes within their facilities.

Everything on a single platform

With patient information a key element of quality care, Nuance offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of HIM products. These web-based solutions link access and identity, care and revenue cycle management on a single enterprise wide platform. This transforms HIM processes by delivering powerful technology that ensures data quality and accuracy, improves productivity, and enables best practices.

The benefits

A more streamlined release of information improves staff efficiency, reduces response times, and improves patient record location tracking.


Facilitates service performance analysis. A flexible reporting interface, summary statistics, and aging information for all outstanding requests and invoices enables staff to efficiently manage operations and accounts receivables.


Ensure Joint Commission and other compliance standards and facilitates HIPAA accounting of disclosures.

Solutions & Services

Clintegrity will help your organization quickly generate substantial revenue and operating savings by ensuring your clinical documentation chain is accurate, sound and fully adopted by physicians.

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