AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging

Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging

The AI Marketplace is a diagnostic imaging app store that gives developers immediate access to 70 percent of all radiologists across 5,500 connected healthcare facilities and gives subscribers a one-stop-shop to easily try and buy AI algorithms.


Unparalleled benefits for developers and subscribers

With our deep understanding of radiologists’ needs and workflows, we are uniquely positioned to help them lead the transformation of healthcare by leveraging the capabilities of AI. Now, with the ability to easily purchase and utilize AI algorithms directly within the solutions they use every day, radiologists can work smarter and more efficiently, focusing their time and expertise on more complex studies and urgent cases, and alleviating much of the remedial mundane tasks, ultimately improving patient care—and saving more lives.

Marketplace apps

One-stop-shop to easily try and buy AI algorithms

Our expanding community of AI Marketplace developers, researchers and technology leaders that are committed to the widespread adoption of AI algorithms in radiology.

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How it works

Industry’s first workflow-integrated market for diagnostic imaging AI algorithms

Comprehensive model for AI development, validation, and adoption that delivers the full benefits of AI to a wide range of stakeholders.

AI apps in action

Making AI in radiology usable and practical

Machine learning and deep learning algorithms can improve radiologists’ productivity and accuracy while reducing repetitive tasks that lead to burnout—here are just a few examples.

Aidoc, Nuance and the University of Rochester are collaborating on a potentially life-saving worklist prioritization application. The FDA-cleared application analyzes CT exams indicating a suspected intracranial hemorrhage, then highlights these studies to allow radiologists to prioritize them on the PowerScribe Workflow Orchestration worklist for immediate attention in cases when time-to-treatment is critical.

Aidence, eUnity, Nuance and the University of Pennsylvania are collaborating on the development of an application to assist radiologists in the time-consuming task of detecting and characterizing pulmonary nodules for reporting and follow-up comparisons. The Aidence Veye Chest algorithm can detect, measure and characterize lung nodules in CT exams. It also can compare lung nodules in follow-up exams to assess changes. The accuracy of Aidence’s automated nodule diameter and volume measurement, growth rate and composition have been validated in a clinical study at NHS Lothian and the University of Edinburgh. Aidence’s Veye Chest application has received a CE mark but is not yet cleared by the FDA for clinical use.

Densitas’ FDA-cleared densitasdensity™ application automatically assesses breast density, an important predictor of breast cancer risk, while radiologists focus their time and attention on finding breast cancer. The densitasdensity algorithm analyzes images to provide consistent and reproducible breast density grades that align with the ACR’s 4th or 5th edition breast density scales. The application is intended for use with compatible full field digital mammography systems.

Zebra Med’s Coronary Calcium Scoring application checks for calcium buildup in the coronary arteries. Calcium in these arteries may be a sign of heart disease. Zebra has developed several algorithms that are designed to help institutions uncover incidental findings across a patient population that have meaning and potential impact on risk stratification. The Coronary Calcium Scoring application is intended for value-based institutions that hold preventative methodologies as a priority.


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