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Increase documentation and ICD‑10 coding accuracy

ICD‑10 training & services

Until recently, ICD‑10 has just been practice. Now it’s game time. ICD‑10 is here to stay and clinical documentation and coding accuracy counts. With a new, expanded coding system and limited experience you may be wondering:

  • Are my claims ICD‑10 compliant?
  • Are my coding auditors experienced enough in ICD‑10 to identify potential problems?
  • Is my clinical staff documenting appropriately?

Nuance can help you through this transition. With coding audits to identify areas at risk and targeted education for physicians, clinicians and coders, Nuance partners with healthcare facilities to identify knowledge gaps and quickly tackle them.

ICD‑10 coding audits & education

Does your facility have the deep ICD‑10 coding expertise required to review claims for accuracy and correct MS-DRG assignment? With four years of ICD‑10 dual‑coding and training experience, Nuance will help you find and correct at-risk issues. The Nuance ICD‑10 Professional Services team is ready to audit records and quickly identify high‑risk areas for under‑coding and over‑coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) opportunities.

ICD‑10 coding audits

Nuance begins with a baseline audit to quickly gauge ICD‑10 coding accuracy for each coder. This audit will identify immediate high-risk areas for facilities while also reassuring accurate code assignment. Areas of CDI related to ICD‑10 will be noted. Baseline audits may be followed with monthly or quarterly coding reviews or scheduled quarterly audits, dependent on facility preference or needs.

ICD‑10 advanced coder education

Using coding audit results, Nuance provides targeted ICD‑10 coder education specific to your facility’s services or needs identified in your baseline audit. Coders become engaged in the education process using a combination of hands-on learning and surgical videos that clearly demonstrate ICD‑10 PCS concepts. Both live and virtual advanced ICD‑10 training are available:

  • Two days of onsite training is recommended for organizations that need to elevate ICD‑10 coding accuracy quickly or require an ICD‑10 refresher on many topics—fast.
  • Two‑hour virtual training sessions are recommended on a bi‑weekly or monthly basis to reinforce learning over time.
Ongoing education support from our ICD‑10 coding experts

Designed to provide your facility with continued ICD‑10 support, Nuance education is provided via live WebEx for your facility on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule. Our ICD‑10 experts will also provide written responses to your ICD‑10 questions submitted each week.


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Clintegrity will help your organization quickly generate substantial revenue and operating savings by ensuring your clinical documentation chain is accurate, sound, and fully adopted by physicians.

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