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The PowerShare Network connects healthcare facilities, providers and patients for quick, convenient, cost-effective and secure sharing of medical images and diagnostic reports—anytime, anywhere. Facilitate better quality patient care. Increase referrals. And get ubiquitous access to clinical and AI innovations. All within a highly scalable platform that can be implemented in weeks, not months.

Empower and evolve your healthcare enterprise

Patients want fast, decisive care decisions. Clinicians need instant and secure access to images, patient data and powerful diagnostic AI tools—all within their preferred workflow. The PowerShare Network meets these demands. It’s proven for today and powered for tomorrow’s shifts in healthcare.

The PowerShare Network is a highly scalable cloud-based platform that enables the secure access and exchange of images, patient data and emerging innovations—at the time of report—across organizations, desktops and mobile devices. Join today to connect to the 6,500+ healthcare organizations, radiologists and AI developers already sharing, collaborating and developing on the PowerShare Network.

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PowerShare Network for...


Avoid redundant exams and increase patient volumes with quicker access to images, which can be funneled into local PACS or reviewed via powerful and integrated zero-footprint viewer options.


Eliminate the need for patients to bring and maintain their CDs and quickly funnel outside studies into your dosing system without having to import from disk.


Minimize the potential for unreimbursed repeat exams with faster, more convenient access to prior exams from outside facilities leveraging your choice of high performance zero-footprint clinical viewers. Also, share studies with affiliate hospitals for quick second opinions.


Enable providers to expedite care while limiting radiation exposure for pediatric patients, ensuring the best care and improving outcomes.

Referring physicians

Receive images and reports quickly from outside facilities through a single login point, which can be accessed using your desktop, mobile device and existing EHR or image viewers. Multiple integrated viewer options are available for varying levels of clinical need.

Neurology and stroke transfer

Quickly access high-quality images via your choice of zero‑footprint clinical viewers to support rapid TATs and easily share images with remote neurosurgeons and neurologists manually or through automated sharing options.

ER/Trauma staff

Improve preparedness for faster care decisions to free up space for patients that need to be there. Avoid redundant exams and associated radiation exposure.

Wound care, dermatology, ophthalmology

Securely upload non-DICOM images or photographs for sharing with care givers and patients.

Cardiology departments

Quickly move large studies between departments or across facilities without disks. Also, gain the ability to view CINE heart motion on a diagnostic-quality zero-footprint clinical viewer.

Small hospitals and community clinics

Gain efficiency with a simple, cost-effective solution for the quick outbound transfer of images to larger or specialty-care facilities with minimal impact on IT resources and mobile device support.

Radiology groups

Easily access relevant priors and efficiently distribute to and receive images and reports from referring physicians, physician groups or hospitals.

Imaging centers

Gain easy access to priors by in-house radiologists or efficiently transfer medical images to other facilities.

Service line directors and department managers

Quickly and easily manage high volume CD uploads or reduce, all together the burden of cataloging and archiving disks, eliminating unnecessary, redundant exams and reducing the costs and delays of CDs based transport.

Manage CD uploads quickly and efficiently with PowerShare Local Uploader

Organ procurement organizations

Offer transplant surgeons a convenient way to view and assess organ viability and facilitate organ harvesting.

Sub Specialty organizations and Centers of Excellence

Enable clinical excellence and improved patient outcomes with ubiquitous access to images from referring sites. Build new sources of revenue and eliminating the cost of CD production and VPNs. Gain the ability to anonymize studies for research or training purposes and provide availability of studies for multiple use-cases to facilitate multi-departmental adoption.

Derive more clinical and business value through PowerShare for TeleRadiology

Orthopedic device manufacturers

Quickly obtain images from hospitals to support product design and the manufacturing processes.

CIO/CMIO/IT director

Fuel your clinical innovation with the power of the network. Get up and running quickly with simple deployment and maintenance. The PowerShare Network is a cloud-based solution, so no onsite servers, VPNs or software installation required. Also leverage and easily integrate with existing infrastructure, including PACS, VNA, EHR and PowerScribe 360 solutions. This solution is HIPAA compliant, offering security and admin controls including an audit trail and a utilization dashboard with key metrics.

PACS administrator

Create direct DICOM channels to and from partner facilities without the need to establish VPN or install/maintain vendor-specific hardware. Also, QC images before routing to PACS, send images directly from PACS or modality and allow users to access images even if PACS is not available or goes down.

File room or film library manager

QC images before routing to PACS and reduce dependency on CDs and other media over time for a more efficient information exchange with partner facilities.

The Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging combines the PowerShare Network with PowerScribe 360 Workflow Orchestration, mPower Clinical Analytics solutions and leading algorithm development platforms such as NVIDIA DIGITS. The PowerShare Network also acts as the vehicle for publishing algorithms to the cloud for radiologists to access, adopt and report feedback for ongoing iterative improvements.

Learn more about the Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging

Eliminate the need to travel to facilities to obtain CDs and the need to maintain CDs. Get better quality care when clinicians share information for second opinions and experience less discomfort by eliminating unnecessary travel, redundant exams and associated radiation exposure.

Integrated solutions

Expand the power of the PowerShare Network

A highly scalable cloud-based platform, the PowerShare Network lays the foundation for intelligent and secure sharing of image and imaging data in real time, across organizations and regions, supporting rapid turnaround times and improved patient, clinical and financial outcomes.

PowerShare Registry Reporting
PowerShare Registry Reporting
PowerShare Registry Reporting

PowerShare partners

PowerShare Network is adding partners to facilitate expansion and services into every corner of the medical community. We’re powering up to serve the needs of tomorrow.

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Augmenting human intelligence

An ecosystem of developers, data scientists, radiologists, academics and AI thought leaders is revolutionizing medical imaging with AI. The Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging accelerates the development, adoption and ongoing improvement of imaging AI by providing open access to the industry’s most advanced research. This marketplace will become the go-to platform for thousands of radiologists—who already rely on Nuance technologies to collaborate and deliver complete, timely, quality data reporting, diagnostic reports and medical-imaging exchange—to seamlessly integrate AI applications into their preferred workflows. Join a growing movement to foster the widespread adoption of AI algorithms by and for the global radiology community.

Why Nuance

Empowering clinicians and hospitals worldwide

Nuance is a trusted leader in the healthcare industry with the global reach and medical imaging technology expertise to facilitate the growing PowerShare Network.


The PowerShare Network consists of 6,500+ healthcare organizations with over 3 billion images shared and growing daily


500,000+ physicians, 10,000 healthcare facilities and 72% of all US hospitals use Nuance’s award‑winning solutions


Ranked 14th in the 2016 HCI Top 100 and Most Interesting Vendor List


Ranked #1 in market share and mindshare in Peer60 2015 Medical Image Sharing Report

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