Cloud-based healthcare technologies

Powering the third-party apps that empower clinicians

As the adoption of cloud-based clinical solutions increases, so does the need for an enhanced experience at every step. Nuance is working with third-party app developers to deliver just that.

Better patient care, in your hand and in the cloud

Nuance seamlessly and securely delivers speech and language understanding technology to mobile devices, web browsers and desktops—powering your experience with third-party healthcare apps. All through the cloud and all designed to improve how physicians care for patients.

Healthcare partner apps

Take a look at the seamless, secure solutions featuring clinical speech recognition and Clinical Language Understanding by Nuance.

Supported platforms
Apps for Desktop and/or web browser

Desktop and/or web browser

Apps for Mobile devices

Mobile devices

Integrated technology
Apps for Clinical Speech Recognition

Clinical speech recognition

Apps for Clinical Language Understanding

Clinical Language Understanding

Partner Application Features
Healthcare mobile productivity apps

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