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Every patient deserves an accurate story

The journey to clinical documentation excellence takes many paths—all leading toward one goal. Nuance CDE solutions offer industry-leading workflow management and analytics for CDI teams to drive quality care through better documentation because every patient counts.


An unmatched solution for a common goal


Award-winning documentation excellence in the cloud


CDE solutions allow the flexibility to personalize workflow as well as establish uniformity for how the team prioritizes their work day, develop and sort worklists, identify opportunities to initiate clarifications and tailor communications with physicians according to each patient's situation.


Productivity is important. And adding more staff can be difficult. Encounter prioritization, automated workflows, intuitive navigation, built in MS and APR-DRG groupers and quick access to reference materials save time, and even let your team expand case coverage.


Physicians and CDI teams work more closely through clinically-focused clarifications and visibility into actions taken on automated advice. Case management and quality teams have concurrent insight into working DRGs, length of stay and HIM and coding teams can collaborate on final DRG reconciliation.


Clinical strategies and guidance help uncover opportunities to engage physicians in a clinical dialogue about each patient and identify diagnoses based on the clinical evidence in the medical record. Documentation accurately reflects patient diagnoses, procedures and co-morbid conditions that are important to determining appropriate reimbursement and risk-adjusted quality ratings. And specific evidence-based documentation reduces delays in the billing cycle and improves the process for managing denials.


Drive quality and patient care excellence

Cloud-based technologies increase the productivity and effectiveness of your CDI team. Our clinically-focused program delivers AI-powered documentation guidance, encounter prioritization, workflow management, clinical and financial analytics through services that promote CDI best practice to help organizations achieve clinical documentation excellence. 

Harness smart, efficient workflows, enhance productivity, and improve CDI and care team satisfaction with cloud-based workflow management, collaboration and insights.  

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Optimize CDS productivity with AI-powered worklist prioritization and analytics. 

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Let your CDI team share their voice through speech-enabled workflows.

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AI-powered advice presented to the CDS while reviewing each case saves time and helps identify opportunities to communicate with physicians.

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Professional Services

Consultative advice to design your program

Your organization is unique, and the technology, content and analytics you choose should match your program goals and readiness—while laying a foundation for future growth. Our team of experts give you all the support you need to plan, deploy and adopt our solutions to help you achieve clinical documentation excellence. Let our team help you plan the level of education, leadership training and ongoing support you need to maximize the return on your investment.

Video testimonial

Nuance delivers unmatched productivity and quality outcomes at TriHealth

Sharon Krug, Clinical Documentation System Manager at TriHealth, describes how Nuance CDE One and CDE Triage have changed her team’s approach to clinical documentation excellence and helped TriHealth become a leader in quality, core measures, and denial prevention.


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