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We are much more than a technology partner. No one else combines our clinical expertise and EHR knowledge with technology solutions. We help maximize your technology investment and partner with you to drive success and earn results. We are the advisor you need to accomplish your financial objectives, improve adoption and utilization, and advance the use of all your EHR has to offer. 

Learn why supporting clinicians—during and post go-live—is critical to EHR success.
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Every minute at the computer is one less spent with patients

A successful implementation and long-term strategy for use of an EHR requires effective planning, thorough and well-executed training, streamlined workflows, and ongoing support for all members of your care teams. Cumbersome workflows and inability to optimally utilize your EHR can create an additional burden on your care team resulting in burnout and dissatisfaction, delays, poor quality documentation, and inefficiencies that affect the entire organization—and ultimately patient care.

We understand the challenges and opportunities encountered throughout all phases of your EHR’s lifecycle. We have what it takes to help your organization exceed the expectations you have of your EHR. Our experienced team will work closely with you to guide, develop, and deliver proven results. We’ll ensure your care teams are productive and equipped to optimally use all the EHR has to offer.

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Our solutions have been developed by clinicians and EHR experts who understand the daily demands put on healthcare organizations. We understand that your care team and revenue cycle team’s satisfaction and productivity lie at the heart of quality patient outcomes and financial outcomes. Your EHR investment is the foundation in assisting your care team so they can do what they do best—patient care.

Nuance EHR Services amplifies this investment by creating an environment where each user is enabled with the tools and skills needed to complete documentation quickly and ensure the information necessary to make patient care decisions is available at the right time. We use a full spectrum of assessments, benchmark reporting, and actionable EHR metrics to drive results. Let us make sure your care teams and revenue cycle teams are empowered to get the most out of the investment made in your EHR.

EHR Services for Epic

Solutions designed to reach your objectives


We provide a comprehensive suite of training solutions to enable your care teams, and our credentialed and certified training leadership is central to this effort. We work with you to develop a customized training approach, build integrated content to match your solutions, and help you to manage scheduling, delivery, and execution. We create and deliver thorough training approaches such as Personalization Labs with integrated Epic and Dragon Medical training to advance confidence using the technologies together. Our specialty specific Simulation Labs create a real-world experience for your care team, revenue cycle, and ancillary staff to apply the skills they have learned and help to mitigate potential issues during Go-Live.  


Providing your organization with expert go-live support will accelerate your return to productivity and amplify the advantages of your new Epic EHR system, while minimizing the impact to patient care. Nuance EHR Go-Live services maximize the value of your Epic implementation by providing a highly-skilled, clinically trained, “at the elbow” support team from the start. Our unmatched experience and expertise in both Epic and Nuance ensure a smooth go-live event and prepares your care team, revenue cycle, and ancillary services for long term success. Our close alignment to Epic, expertise, proven processes, and positive results have lead us to be one of the top-rated vendors for Go-Live services—and made us partners with our clients well beyond go-live.    


As your EHR technology continues to improve, our experts collaborate with you to prepare your care teams to take full advantage of evolving features and functionality. We use a full spectrum of assessments, benchmark reporting and metrics analysis to identify key priority areas. We provide support such as optimization training guides, assistance with build updates and upgrades, and flexible learning—all focused on helping your staff work more efficiently and effectively.    




Patients are taking a more active role in their healthcare. Epic MyChart is an excellent first step toward empowering your patients, but it can only be as good as their ability to use it—and your readiness to help them.

Our Epic MyChart Service Desk provides your patients with secure, online, on-demand skilled assistance to support their unique needs and to help them access their health information. Our 24/7 bilingual support assists patients and their family members solve immediate issues—from password reset and activation to in-depth queries such as accessing test results. It ensures they are prepared to take full advantage of the self-service tools. With monthly reporting and analytics provided we help organizations how and when your patients engage with Epic MyChart to help you understand patterns and improve overall patient engagement and satisfaction.




A physician’s primary responsibility is caring for patients. Higher patient volumes and faster turnaround times require them to access patient information outside of standard working hours. They require highly skilled and workflow-centric assistance to guide them on how to effectively utilize the extensive features available within Epic’s EHR—in real-time with desire for first call resolution.

Our team of clinically trained experts averages five years of Epic experience. We work with your team to understand your specific build and be an extension of your own internal resources. We focus on providing physicians real-time support—they don’t have to leave a message and wait for a callback. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know your goal is to help physicians be as productive as possible while maintaining focus on providing high-quality patient care. Let us help you deliver on that promise.    




As your Epic EHR journey progresses, additional expertise and resources may be needed to meet your organization’s objectives. You have operational readiness to contend with, that includes preparing a plan for projects and upgrades, creating content that meets your organization’s needs, training staff, maintaining compliance and regulatory standards, and providing safe, quality care to patients. Nuance’s Epic Professional Staffing team is here to help advance your mission with the skillset, experience, and expertise in Epic’s applications and project life cycle. Our expert resources provide professional guidance and partner with your team as a seamless extension with one goal in mind—helping your organization accomplish its objectives.    

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Achieving successful EHR adoption requires more than just a successful go-live. For Regional Health, supporting clinicians’ EHR questions and patients' use of the patient portal – during and post go-live – was a critical success factor. View the on-demand webinar featuring Dr. Stephanie Lahr, CIO and CMIO, to hear first-hand about the solutions currently in use, lessons learned, and the accomplishments achieved on their path toward advancing high-quality patient care - and help your organization drive successful use of all the EHR offers.








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