OCR Document Capture Webinar Series

Powerful tips and tricks to become an OCR guru

If you’re interested in adding OCR capabilities to your applications, the OCR Document Capture SDK Webinar series is perfect for you. Create better applications, reduce engineering costs and accelerate development timelines.

The OCR Document Capture Webinar Series

Webinar series

Programmatic Classification – Integrate flexible document classification into your project

Topics Covered:

  • What document classification is, and what it isn’t
  • Common pitfalls and issues
  • Coding in real-time covering classification integration
OCR Benefits and Webinar
Webinar series

Adding Image Conversion to Your Applications

Topics Covered:

  • Build no-code document conversion workflows
  • Implement a scalable server architecture for high-volume processing
  • Learn how to build your own OCR client – quickly, easily and with minimal development
Webinar series

Improve Your Applications with Forms Processing

Topics Covered:

  • Create data-extraction, forms-processing and template-based extraction workflows
  • Get an exclusive look at the new Form Template Editor
  • See real examples of how adding OCR capabilities can give you a critical advantage
Webinar series

Real Talk: Choosing the Right API

Topics Covered:

  • Learn more about OCR technology, and how it can help your business applications
  • See how selecting the right OCR API can help you reduce engineering costs
  • Critical questions you should ask to find the right OCR API for your application
Webinar series

The Right Solution for High Volume, Server-Based Document Conversions

Topics Covered:

  • Why you should consider a high volume document conversion solution
  • Key factors to consider to determine the features and functionality needed
  • Tips and best practices for finding the most reliable server solution
Webinar series

Behind the Scenes of Document Classification

Topics Covered:

  • How the OmniPage Capture SDK can integrate document-classification capabilities
  • Ways you can create flexible, productive classification projects
  • Tips for using OmniPage solutions to design cutting-edge applications
Webinar series

How to Simplify Your Form-Processing Workflows

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to forms processing and template-based data extraction
  • How you can add these capabilities to help users find, extract and digitize information
  • A closer look at the Nuance’s Form Template Editor

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