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Our Professional Services team delivers the expertise you need to successfully deploy, maintain and maximize Nuance document capture, workflow and print management solutions. After all, no one knows Nuance technology better than Nuance.

Success at every step

Installation: From planning to deployment to solving your needs

Our implementation team uses industry best practices to consult, plan and seamlessly install your solution—either on site or remote—and then provides expert guidance so you can quickly get up to speed and realize measurable results.

Installation services include:

  • Planning
  • Configuration
  • Implementation
  • Deployment
  • Administrative training

Consulting: From discovery to design to maximizing your investment

Our consulting team collaborates closely with your team to perform detailed discovery and analysis before delivering solution-specific strategies and designs. All to help increase efficiencies, cost savings and return on investment.

Consulting services include:

  • Analysis and design
  • Workflow architecture
  • Customization
  • Solution upgrades and migrations
  • Solution health assessment


Our Professional Services methodology is designed to improve information workflow, accelerate business processes and optimize your output devices.



We take time to understand your business objectives and perform a robust solution and architectural review.



We use best practices and a streamlined project plan to accelerate ROI, optimizing for failover, disaster recovery and scaling.



We seamlessly implement solution components, integrated within your specific environment.



We aim to meet all timelines and deliverables, ensuring solution readiness and a complete deployment.



We conduct regular health checks and review usage and performance—enhancing the solution to align with evolving business needs.

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Nuance Professional Services understands that business requirements and technology infrastructure change over time. A Content Control & Systems Assessment (CCSA) is a comprehensive assessment service to evaluate the technology and business processes that control the print, capture, security, and output management of documents and their content.

During a CCSA engagement, our team of expert consultants will assess the state of your Nuance solutions and compare them to the organization’s needs. We’ll then prescribe system and business process changes for the specific objectives that will ensure the Nuance solutions are optimized. Our comprehensive report will identify areas for optimization of your solution and business processes and will detail areas where security and performance can be improved with best practices, hardware changes, and expansion of your Nuance solution to right-size it for your business growth plans.


Nuance Professional Services and Nuance Customer Support help customers maximize up-time and gain the most benefit from their Nuance print or capture solution. With Nuance Premier Support, customers receive unparalleled expertise, accelerated and dedicated support, and strategic advice tailored to their specific IT environment benefits such as:

  • A single point of escalation via a Technical Account Manager.
  • Operational insights through regular incident review sessions
  • Annual proactive system evaluations (see “Content Control & Systems Assessment Services”)
  • 24 x 7 coverage for critical “Severity 1” situations.
  • Quarterly business reviews covering support incident trend, and future planning.
  • Premier Support services page
Add-on Services

Customers with existing Nuance print and capture solutions often need to expand their implementation by adding devices, desktop clients, workflows and print queues but these add-ons do not always require the level of effort of a full professional services engagement.

Nuance Professional Service can help customers maximize their existing Nuance software investment by expertly and quickly expanding their solution in a cost-effective manner without the overhead normally associated with a new implementation.

Learn how to extend your Nuance solution by engaging Nuance Professional Services to quickly and easily expand your implementation with add-on services for new print devices, desktop clients and more.


While upgrading to the best of breed technologies is highly beneficial, the disruption it can cause when the application itself is mission critical to the business can be significant if not well planned and executed.

Nuance Professional Services’ years of experience deploying Nuance software installations as well as our direct integration with Nuance engineering and Nuance customer support makes us the right choice to analyze, plan, and execute an upgrade of your existing solution with minimal impact to business operations.

Learn how to engage Nuance Professional Services to upgrade your Nuance print and capture solutions.


Capture of paper and electronic documents and manual entry of index data can be greatly reduced with Nuance capture software and the right implementation that aligns to your business processes. Using built-in features to retrieve content from documents via a point and click user experience, Nuance Professional Services can configure your Nuance software to capture, index and route documents quickly to common storage locations and content repositories – easily modeling and automating the business processes you have today

Learn how to engage Nuance Professional Services to quickly install and configure Nuance software to handle your capture needs.


Law firms have unique document capture needs based on their client work and legal specific applications. Nuance Professional Services can help legal customers maximize their investment in Nuance capture software and their back-end legal document repository by integrating their MFP/MFDs to simplify the complexity of capturing documents while also reducing human errors.

Nuance Professional Services Consultants will install and configure your software to capture documents from MFP/MFDs and route them to the correct locations in your legal systems using appropriate meta-data and indexing.


Healthcare organizations have unique print and capture needs based on regulatory pressures and healthcare specific applications. Nuance Professional Services can help healthcare customers securely manage the capture and print of patient information and PII by integrating Nuance capture and print software with EHR systems and enforcing secure print release. Nuance Professional Services can even integrate secure copy protection features for prescription print to ensure regulatory compliance.

Nuance Professional Services Consultants will install and configure your Nuance software to integrate your MFP/MFDs and print devices with your EHR following secure best practices


Larger, complex customer installations require Nuance Professional Services engagements that include a statement of work and a review process of the intended services. For short engagements in environments with a low degree of complexity, Nuance Professional Services offers packaged services that are easy to order and eliminate the statement of work process.

Remote Installation Services are available for the following Nuance products and cover the most basic installation and configuration services that meet the needs of small businesses:
- AutoStore 7
- Output Manager 4
- Equitrac Express or Equitrac Office 5
- eCopy ShareScan 5
- eCopy ShareScan 6

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