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Premier Support services overview

Nuance Customer Support and Nuance Professional Services help customers maximize the return on their investment and end-customer satisfaction from their Nuance print and capture solutions all being implemented on a highly scalable, resilient and secure infrastructure. With Nuance Premier Support, customers receive unparalleled expertise, accelerated and dedicated support, and strategic advice tailored to their specific IT environment and end customer needs. Those customers who leverage Nuance Premier Support see higher customer satisfaction from their end users, faster incident turnaround time and overall greater return on their investment.

Benefits include:

  • Technical Account Manager serving as a single point of escalation who is highly knowledgeable about your specific deployment scenario
  • Operational insights through regular incident review sessions
  • Annual proactive system evaluations to ensure deployment is continually being optimized (see “Content Control & Systems Assessment Services”)
  • 24 x 7 coverage for critical “Severity 1” incidents
  • Quarterly business reviews covering support incident trend, and future planning
  • Premier Support Brochure

Premier Support comparison

While all customers receive best in class support from Nuance, customers who demand a more personalized approach with high priority escalation can choose to add Premier Support to their support package.

Technical Account Manager

The Technical Account Manager (TAM) will act as a point of escalation for all support incidents raised to Nuance. Your TAM will gain a deep understanding of your environment as it relates to the Nuance software deployment as well as future upgrade and migration plans. With this knowledge, proactive communications and regular incident reviews the TAM will assist to reduce the time to resolution while increasing customer satisfaction. Having this relationship-based support, the TAM becomes a customer advocate within Nuance, whether it is for an escalation to development or a feature enhancement to product management.


Quarterly business reviews

These Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) is a great opportunity to review the support received over the past quarter (3-months) with a customized report covering Sev1 incidents, trends and opportunities for ongoing optimizations. The TAM will also cover various other topics related to support, future state of the customers environment and upcoming Nuance product releases. Based on need, additional resources could be called in from various Nuance cross-functional teams.

Additional topics may be:

  • Incidents by Severity
  • Average time to resolve
  • SLA Adherence
  • Upcoming projects or future system changes
  • Nuance software deployment updates

Content Control & Systems Assessment (CCSA)

Nuance Professional Services understands that business requirements and technology infrastructure change over time. An annual Content Control & Systems Assessment (CCSA) is a comprehensive assessment service to evaluate the technology and business processes that control the print, capture, security, and output management of documents and their content.

During a CCSA engagement, our team of expert consultants will assess the state of your Nuance solutions and compare them to the organization’s needs. Wethen prescribe system and business process changes for the specific objectives that will ensure the Nuance solutions are optimized. Our comprehensive report will identify areas for optimization of your solution and business processes and will detail areas where security and performance can be improved with best practices, hardware changes, and expansion of your Nuance solution to right-size it for your business growth plans.


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